Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New at The Paper Dali Shop

I just wrapped up two lovely new sparkling-sweet items for your printing and playing pleasure at The Paper Dali Shop. You can click here to visit the site immediately...or first read a little more in this post before heading over there.

The Winter Friends Playset (a sweet little set for those snowed-in days)
With the days turning cold and gray, I've been hoping for snow...a funny hope, considering where we live. And so my thoughts turned to my snowy childhood and then The Winter Friends playset was drawn. It's a small set of paper dolls featuring Renee, Violet and Sunshine. One of my favorite friends was named Renee. She had golden hair, a voice to rival Lauren Bacall's and a lovely, colorful Polish family. At her house, the food was plentiful, the fabrics bright, and the air crackled merrily with the Polish language. Violet is Renee's best friend. She wishes for golden hair while Renee wishes for dark. She loves purple in all its shades, unicorns and dreaming of adventures for them to have. My ... I mean, Violet's, beloved golden retriever, Sunshine, also made it to the Paper Dali shop. Sweet, watchful and the best dog a child could have, Sunshine protects them on walks through the forests of Violet's Pennsylvanian home. And because my children mentioned the need for a boy figure in the set, Benjamin from the "Christmas in Sweden" set makes a guest appearance as a bonus page. Click here to see (and purchase) this set in my Etsy shop.

Bati the Robot valentines set
Inspired by watching too many sci-fi movies lately, the Bati-06 is a fun-loving little robot who loves to serve up strawberry milkshakes to his sweetheart (the Beti bot), tap dance, fly through space in his sleek bright-red rocket and spend time showing his skating moves to the Beti bot. The Bati is named for one of my sons...the one who loves all things shiny and robotic. This valentine set is unique and sweet. The Bati-06 stands apart from the crowd of regular store-bought robots because he's a Paper Dali creation.

p.s. "Vee" does not stand for Violet, but new friends and acquaintances always remember the "V" in my name and not the name. I've been called Valerie, Vanessa, Violet, Victoria, Veronica, Vivian ... only one of those is correct! :)

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