Saturday, May 7, 2016

Flower-Vase Label for the Virgin Mary: A Free Blessed Mother Printable Craft

Looking for a simple but sweet Blessed Mother craft for May? Here's a quick-and-easy craft: a Mama Mary label to color and cut, and use to decorate a Mason-jar vase.

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First, download the printable here. (Make sure your printer settings doesn't include margins and that the page orientation is horizontal.)

Then color it up however you want. (I colored the background of Mary's alcove yellow... then realized the yellow crown didn't pop, so I changed the background to orange. Remember you can always fix "mistakes" in art and that those "mistakes" can even give your work a unique look.) You can use the little crown pattern to create one for Mary and glue it on.

 Cut out the label, wrap it around a Mason jar (which will serve as a flower vase), and glue it on or tape it. (I taped because I've a deep and abiding love for Scotch tape.)

Then just add a little water to the vase and some fresh flowers then place it wherever you like! We've placed ours on the dining room table as a reminder to say the Hail Mary during our meal prayers in May.

Have a blessed and lovely Marian month!


Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Little Doodles Can Do Big Things, Too

I recently received a lovely photo from a quilting wonder named Rose Castanon. She and her friend created a pretty Our Lady of Guadalupe quilt for a raffle at church. (The proceeds benefit the religious education program at her parish.)

After they finished the quilt, they used a Paper Dali doodle for the label and prayer to put on the quilt. She emailed me asking permission for the use of the doodle... and, of course, I said yes! Just send me a picture.

And she did:

One of the sweetest joys of creating art for Paper Dali is seeing how some of my free doodles and drawings get used by craft-loving folks. So, thanks for sending this, Rose.

And here's a look at the quilt she finished with her friend:

Lovely work, Rose!


Saturday, January 23, 2016

Free Pro-Life Coloring Page and Prayer Log From Paper Dali

Despite the snowstorm blasting Washington, D.C., the March for Life marches on. Though I cannot attend, my thoughts and prayers are with all those attending as well as the unborn and their parents.

To help our family (and yours!) continue praying for the unborn, I put together this pro-life coloring page and prayer log.

Clicking on the widget above should take you to the download page. You can also download the coloring page by clicking this link.

Onward and upward! Vee

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Free Saint Nicholas Printable

How much do we love Saint Nicholas? Enough to name our youngest child after him!

In honor of Saint Nicholas's upcoming feast day (Dec. 6), I drew a free printable notecard to share. 

Download the free St. Nicholas coloring page.
The patron saint of children, Saint Nicholas, is a favorite around Casa Jarski.  Stories abound about this bishop of Myra, but at the heart of all the stories is Nicholas's great love for Christ and sharing that love with all.

A beloved resource for teaching the kids about him is this favorite from CCC Kids, "Nicholas: The Boy Who Became Santa":

Hope your celebration shines!


Sunday, November 29, 2015

Free Saint Francis Xavier Coloring Page

In the whirl of activity characterizing the start of Advent, the feast day of Saint Francis Xavier may get overlooked. But this amazing missionary priest, who converted more than 50,000 people, definitely merits special attention on Dec. 3, his feast day.

Click picture to get the free printable

This helpful super-short video gives a glimpse into Saint Francis Xavier's life... and can help nurture your curiosity to find out more!

Download your free Saint Francis Xavier coloring page, and have fun learning about this saint.

Happy Advent season!
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