Friday, November 29, 2013

Free Advent Clipart Images to You From Me [Doodles]

On Dec. 1, the season of Advent begins for Catholics around the world. It marks the beginning of our new year… as well as the preparation for Christmas. At Casa Jarski, we join in the universal church in the celebrating of special days.

In my enthusiasm for Advent, I drew a small series of doodles to share. To use the doodle, just right click and save it. You may use them for your Advent planning and in Sunday bulletins, but do not include them in any clipart collection or use these for profit. They’re my little gift for the upcoming season…

First Sunday of Advent

Second Sunday of Advent
Third Sunday of Advent
Fourth Sunday of Advent

Confession/Penance/Reconciliation Service

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Saint Nicholas

Saint Lucia

Happy Advent!

Friday, November 1, 2013

All Saints Day: Three Last-Minute Game Ideas

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Looking for some last-minute game ideas for All Saints Day? Here are three budget-pleasing ideas to help you create a fun activity for your All Saints Day party. You can buy all these items at your local Dollar Tree.

Take advantage of the inexpensive Christmas items at your local Dollar Tree (we did!) and create a Saint Nick's Gold-Bag-Toss Game.

You'll need...
We chose snow-themed buckets then created gold bags by putting rice in a Ziploc bag and wrapping it up like a little knapsack. 

To play, place the buckets at a distance and give the child the gold bags to toss into the bucket. For little kids, one bag in the bucket merits a fun reward. For older kids, challenge them to toss three bags into the bucket. The inspiration comes from Saint Nicholas's leaving small bags of gold coins to help a poor man save his daughters from those who would take them as payment.

My daughter saw the sparkly fairy wings in the dress-up section of the Dollar Tree and knew she'd find some way to use them in a game. Her solution: The Angel Relay.

To play, divide kids into pairs, the second child being across the room (or park). The one child wears the wings and hurries with a scroll to the other child, hands that child the message then the second child puts on the wings and runs back. The inspiration comes from angels being messengers... and my daughter finding it hilarious for her brothers to have to wear sparkly wings.

Do you have a dry-erase board or large scroll of paper? If so, you can set up a Catholic pictionary booth. You just need a portable dry-erase board, dry erase makers, a lot of strips of paper with saints- and Catholic-related words on them, and a bucket for kids to fish out one of the terms.

To play, divide the kids into teams of two. The first child will have one-minute to draw strips of pictures correctly guessed by his teammate. 


If you need more All Saints day party ideas, check out the Ultimate All Saints Day party post.

Please note: Paper Dali is on Google+.  just started the page yesterday and will use it instead of the Paper Dali Facebook account. Come on by!

Monday, September 30, 2013

Saints Coloring Pages and Inspiration for All Saints Day

Need some coloring pages for your All Saints Day party? Looking for some saints pages for your Religious Education class?

I've some budget-pleasing PDF coloring books at my Paper Dali Shop for you!

Saints Coloring Book, Vol. 1, features coloring pages for...
1. Saint Elizabeth of Hungary (and her tertiary outfit)
2. Saint Joachim, the Blessed Mother's father
3. Saint Anne, the Blessed Mother's mother
4. Saint Joseph Mukasa
5. Saint Clare of Assisi
6. Saint Martin de Tours (and the beggar he helps)

Saints Coloring Book, Vol. 2, features coloring pages for...
1. Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta (and a printable quotes page)
2. Blessed Mary, Queen of the Rosary
3. Saint Martin de Porres
4. Saint John of God (and a coloring page of people he is patron for)
5. Saint Damien of Molokai
6. Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton (and her wedding dress and her Sister of Charity outfit)

Saints Coloring Book (June) features coloring pages for...
1. Saint Justin Martyr
2. Blessed Anne Mary Taigi
3. Saint Anthony of Padua
4. Saint Juliana Falconieri
5. Saint Thomas More
6. Saint Alena

Happy crafting!

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