Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Saint Nicholas: Free Coloring Page and Printable

The patron saint of children, Saint Nicholas, is a favorite around Casa Jarski. (We named one of our sons after Saint Nicholas.)  Stories abound about this bishop of Myra, but at the heart of all the stories is Nicholas's great love for Christ and sharing that love with all.

On Dec. 6, some countries celebrate a visit from Saint Nicholas. "In many Catholic parts of Europe, children still receive his 'visit' on the eve of his feast," states a Catholic Culture article. "St. Nicholas is a heavenly messenger to our homes, for, coming at the beginning of Advent, he admonishes us to prepare our hearts for a blessed and holy Christmas."

In our home, the children leave out their shoes on the eve before St. Nicholas Day, and in the morning, the children open their small gifts found in their shoes. We have a special breakfast and watch a Saint Nicholas DVD.

Free St. Nicholas Day Printable
 In honor of Saint Nicholas's upcoming feast day (Dec. 6), I drew a free printable notecard to share.
Download the free St. Nicholas coloring page.

If you'd rather do some straight-up coloring, you can download my free Saint Nicholas coloring page:
Download a free black and white PDF/coloring page of Saint Nicholas. 
May you have a holy, fun, and colorful Saint Nicholas Day!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Free Saint Francis of Assisi Coloring Page

Click to download.

Note: You can download the free Saint Francis of Assisi coloring page here.

As the Advent season begins, I've been thinking about St. Francis of Assisi and his approach to the Nativity.

In the spirit of poverty and joy and creativity and love for the Holy Family, he is credited for creating the Christmas creche, which Catholics have adopted into their homes.

May this coloring page inspire you to prepare your heart with the same love and care that St. Francis prepared the creche.

Happy Advent!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Free Thanksgiving Printables

We're very excited about the upcoming Thanksgiving feast here at Casa Paper Dali.

 In between texts flying about who is bringing what and figuring out where to seat nine kids and their parents, I started making some fun decorations for the dining room. I turned to my beloved construction paper, Sharpies and low-cost laminating system (i.e., packing tape) to create some leaf borders in the room.

Then, I thought I'd share them with you. Here's a free printable of leaf shapes. (The image is smaller than the actual page, so be sure to download it.)

You can use the leaf page as:
  • a coloring page at the table
  • a pattern to cut out and trace on construction paper
  • a placemat (once you've laminated it)
  • a front-door welcome sign
Once I started drawing something for Thanksgiving, I couldn't stop myself, so I made another fun free Thanksgiving printable sheet.

Ideas for how to use those drawings are on the sheet.

If you've any ideas to share, feel free to leave (oh! no pun intended!) in the combox.


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Free Catholic Coloring Page: Saint Margaret of Scotland [Printable]

I've always been fascinated by Saint Margaret, Queen of Scotland. She wasn't just queen but also mother and wife during a turbulent time in her country's history. Still, she pursued with using her royal status to bring her people to Christ and was also heavily involved in religious reform and charitable programs.

A few years ago, I drew her for Paper Dali, but in light of the rebooting of Paper Dali and Queen Mary's upcoming feast day on Nov. 16, I drew a free Saint Margaret of Scotland coloring page for you.

Download the full-page PDF.

(Just clicking, copying, and pasting the image below will result in a blurry photo, alas. Best to click the link!)

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Advent 2014: Coloring Pages and Activities

Looking for some new coloring pages to help you celebrate Advent? Me, too! My children were ready for new pages to color and use, so I revamped the activity book by drawing 19 new coloring pages, swapping out some activities for others, and including a handful of classic drawings.

Here's a peek at what's inside the Advent 2014: 24 Coloring Pages and Activities PDF:

The Advent 2014 Coloring Pages and Activity Book includes:
  •  First Sunday of Advent
  •  Second Sunday of Advent
  •  Third Sunday of Advent
  •  Fourth Sunday of Advent
  •  Advent Playset Countdown
  •  St. Nicholas
  •  Favorite Carols
  •  Good Deeds Manger
  •  Immaculate Conception
  •  Juan Diego
  •  Juan Diego's Tilma
  •  Advent Wreath
  •  Our Lady of Guadalupe
  •  Who Are You Helping This Season?
  •  St. Lucia
  •  Notecards From Secret Santa
  •  Shepherd Coloring Page
  •  Sheep Coloring Page
  •  Melchior the Wise Man Coloring Page
  •  Balthazar the Wise Man Coloring Page
  •  Gaspar the Wise Man Coloring Page
  •  Angel Coloring Page
  •  St. Joseph Coloring Page
  •  Mary Coloring Page
 To find out more or to purchase the Advent 2014: Coloring Pages and Activities PDF, check out The Paper Dali Shop on Etsy.

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