Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Free Catholic Feast Day Planning Page

Ah, December and all its wonderful Catholic feast days! You sit down to make some plans for your favorite days, but then you realize just HOW many feast days there are in December and how maybe keeping everything organized can be a bear.
Simple Catholic Feast Day Planning Sheet

To help stay focused on what to celebrate, we always choose a handful of feast days of our favorite saints. Saint Lucia always ranks high, as does Our Lady of Guadalupe ... and Saint Juan Diego and, oh, there's Saint Thomas Beckett ...

Oh, right. Yes, choosing just a few can be difficult.

Once we do, though, we make sure to highlight, underline, and bold that day on our calendar and also consider why we're celebrating. What about this saint or feast day speaks to us specifically? 

Because we're Catholic, we do love our food and drink! Find inspiration from the saint's own life or homeland.

To get to that point, we often read about a saint's life or watch a movie about the saint's life. ( in particular has a good selection of saint movies for families.) If we give ourselves more room in the planning, we can pick up books about the saint as well.

Download the free Catholic feast day planning page and start preppin' for all the upcoming feast days.

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