Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Joy in an Envelope: The Marian ATC Swap 2010

This afternoon, we received our artist trading cards (ATCs) from the Marian ATC swap Kimberlee hosted.

To say that we were excited to receive them is an understatement. First of all, little kids hardly ever receive mail ... but when they do, it's always Something Good.

The creativity and sweetness evident in the cards just made us all smile and say, "Awww" about a hundred times. (No, I am not exaggerating.) The gorgeous cards remind us of the richness of the Catholic Church in that our expressions of love are so uniquely us.

I'm posting pictures of the adorable little treasures that we received, so if you recognize one that you did, well, thank you so much from the Paper Dali family.  (I did recognize Jessica's name in the envelope addressed to me and was delighted. ♥ One of her children's cards also showed up in the envelope of one of my children.)

In my eight-year-old son's envelope: (Visit here to see what he sent out.)

In my 9-year-old daughter's envelope: (Visit here to see what she sent out.)

In my envelope: (Visit here to see what I sent out.)

These dear little treasures need to be placed where they won't get lost or dog-eared like all our books. I'd like to do something creative to store them, but for now, I've found a few templates for making an ATC storage case:

Mirkwood Designs
Trading Card Holder from TLC (Just switch a picture of Mary for the baseball on the cover. *grin*)
Trading Card Holder (in a traditional plastic baseball-card sheet format)

If you made any of the above ATCs, please know that they were most happily received and have found a good home. We appreciate dearly the time and imagination taken to make each one ...


Kimberlee said...

Thanks again for joining! We all loved your family's cards you sent. (that's my Lydia's Nativity you've received) I added a Mr. Linky on my blog if you'd like to link there. God bless

Vee said...


Thank you!

And I knew I recognized the style of that Nativity card. It looked like a sample in your post. Beautiful. I'm so impressed and touched by everything received.

I'll go to Mr. Linky now. :)

Amy Caroline said...

Oh these are great! What fun!

Lacy @ Catholic Icing said...

Joy in an Envelope- I wish I were a writer! Love it! We were waaaay excited, too! I'm so glad you shared these. So much fun to see what everyone else did. We got some really beautiful ones, too :-) I'll post them soon.

Alicia said...

What beautiful cards! Can you believe my sons and I recieved totally different cards than your family? That's A LOT of Catholic love!!! This was a WONDERFUL experience! I am in a small town in the Bible Belt and rarely get to do cool things like this with other Catholics!! Great post!!

Vee said...


Ohhhh, you'll have to post then, so we can peek at what was in your goodie bag! : )

Wasn't this a blast? It was just the cutest, sweetest little (not so little) swap ever.

I visited your blog ... Nice! I'm following you now. We paper-lovin' Catholics gotta stick together. LOL

Angela said...

Hi There,
Your daughter got one of my daughter's cards. Hers is the one on the bottom of that set (with the large halo).

This was so fun!


Jessica said...

Wasn't this SO much FUN!?!? I was so excited to receive one of your beautiful cards!

Lacy @ Catholic Icing said...

You guys got a lot of Fatima!

Vee said...

It totally was! And I'm glad you received one of mine! A true trade then. : )

Lacy: I guess so, huh? Hm. Maybe I should try my hand and drawing Fatima, too. It's such a beautiful story ... And by the way, I redid my labels on the side so it should be easier to find anything on my site from now on. Thanks for the heads up.

Kelly said...

It looks like you received some very nice cards!

We had so much fun participating in the swap!

God bless.

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