Friday, July 16, 2010

Creative Space: Drawing, Sewing & Painting

My days lately are filled with more introspection and creativity than usual. Here's a glance at what is occupying my quiet time.

Remember a little while ago that I mentioned my love for "Peter and the Wolf"?  Below is a picture of Peter.  Grandfather and the Wolf are also drawn, but I need to round out the cast. I'll be adding this special collection to my Etsy shop in the near future.

Now, here's a softie  set for gentle play. The siblings are made of vintage scraps and are perfect for little ones.

This little peg doll stands out from the others (not pictured on my blog anywhere) I have been working on. Those are all bright, cheerful peg dolls. But this one just cried out to be painted. She reminds me of myself in high school except her mouth is just slightly downturned. Mine was always yapping angrily about something. And the bunny would have been a picture of Morrissey instead. 

And that's a peek at the creative going-ons around here!


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Gardenia said...

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