Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Little Doodles Can Do Big Things, Too

I recently received a lovely photo from a quilting wonder named Rose Castanon. She and her friend created a pretty Our Lady of Guadalupe quilt for a raffle at church. (The proceeds benefit the religious education program at her parish.)

After they finished the quilt, they used a Paper Dali doodle for the label and prayer to put on the quilt. She emailed me asking permission for the use of the doodle... and, of course, I said yes! Just send me a picture.

And she did:

One of the sweetest joys of creating art for Paper Dali is seeing how some of my free doodles and drawings get used by craft-loving folks. So, thanks for sending this, Rose.

And here's a look at the quilt she finished with her friend:

Lovely work, Rose!


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