Saturday, May 7, 2016

Flower-Vase Label for the Virgin Mary: A Free Blessed Mother Printable Craft

Looking for a simple but sweet Blessed Mother craft for May? Here's a quick-and-easy craft: a Mama Mary label to color and cut, and use to decorate a Mason-jar vase.

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First, download the printable here. (Make sure your printer settings doesn't include margins and that the page orientation is horizontal.)

Then color it up however you want. (I colored the background of Mary's alcove yellow... then realized the yellow crown didn't pop, so I changed the background to orange. Remember you can always fix "mistakes" in art and that those "mistakes" can even give your work a unique look.) You can use the little crown pattern to create one for Mary and glue it on.

 Cut out the label, wrap it around a Mason jar (which will serve as a flower vase), and glue it on or tape it. (I taped because I've a deep and abiding love for Scotch tape.)

Then just add a little water to the vase and some fresh flowers then place it wherever you like! We've placed ours on the dining room table as a reminder to say the Hail Mary during our meal prayers in May.

Have a blessed and lovely Marian month!


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Xhonane Olivas said...

Thank you Vee!! This is beautiful!!

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