Monday, November 16, 2015

Make Way for Flat Blessed Miguel Pro!

photo credit: La Vie Est Belle
Blessed Miguel Pro's feast day is coming up (November 23, everybody! Mark your calendar! Plan a Mexican meal! Get the papel picado ready!). As he is my absolute favorite saint, I've been busy sketching out coloring project that I'll share soon.

Meanwhile, I wanted to share this lovely email from Marisol of La Vie Est Belle about how she and her family used my Blessed Miguel Pro saint drawing:
"I just wanted to share how we have used your coloring pages.  They are so wonderful!  I was inspired to use Blessed Miguel Pro as a Flat Stanley project many years ago.(Also St. Joseph)  We sent him to my parents' home in Carson, CA.  I found the pictures of this today, his trip to Carson! Mom had a blast with him! We sent a letter telling them about his life and that he needed a place to stay and that he would soon give his life for Christ. It was so cool! I just wanted you to know what a blessing your resources are to our family!"

Flat Blessed Miguel Pro looked happy on his trip:

photo credit: La Vie Est Belle

photo credit: La Vie Est Belle

photo credit: La Vie Est Belle

photo credit: La Vie Est Belle

The sweetest part of creating paper dolls and coloring pages at Paper Dali is seeing how those drawings are used. I just loved seeing Flat Miguel Pro traveling around. Thanks for sharing it, Marisol.

My younger kids are going to send their favorite saints to their grandmother and see what shenanigans they get into, too!


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