Thursday, November 5, 2015

Easy-Peasy Jesse Tree Activity

The Jesse Tree is a visual representation of Jesus's lineage. During Advent, Christian families often participate in the creation of a household Jesse Tree.

That Jesse Tree can get rather fancy. You can make ornaments yourself either sewn or painted, have Jesse Tree ornament swaps, etc. You can buy expensive Jesse Tree ornaments, too.

At Casa Paperdali, we've always kept this project simple with printable Jesse Tree ornaments.

We've read the corresponding Scripture readings for each day, colored the ornaments, and put them on our tree. The trees have been:
  • Green poster board in the shape of an evergreen tree
  • A branch brought from the yard into our house
  • Our otherwise undecorated Christmas tree

A Jesse Tree Printable Calendar/Tree

Having celebrated the Jesse Tree for about 10 years now, we needed a change in our approach. So, this year, I thought to draw something that's an all-in-one sort of calendar:

The calendar is put together by printing out the five pieces. The 24 drawings have a number for the day (1 is for Dec. 1, 23 is Dec. 23, etc.) and a corresponding Scripture verse on a separate piece of paper.

The pieces are all then taped together to form one Christmas tree  (errr, Jesse Tree) shape. Each day, a child will color the day's Scripture verse. 

What makes this project easy-peasy is that, if you have younger kids, you don't have to keep track of the 24 ornaments. Once you get your tree taped together and put up (we're gluing ours on green posterboard), you just need to color that day (well, and read the day's Scripture).

This Jesse Tree calendar/coloring page is available right now at the Paper Dali shop for just $4 (much less than a mocha). And because the project is in PDF, you can make copies for each child in your household.
If you're looking for Jesse Tree ornaments to color, though, you might like these large-as-a-CD-sized Jesse Tree ornaments, too.

Have fun coloring and crafting this upcoming Advent season!

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