Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Free Catholic Coloring Page: Saint Margaret of Scotland [Printable]

I've always been fascinated by Saint Margaret, Queen of Scotland. She wasn't just queen but also mother and wife during a turbulent time in her country's history. Still, she pursued with using her royal status to bring her people to Christ and was also heavily involved in religious reform and charitable programs.

A few years ago, I drew her for Paper Dali, but in light of the rebooting of Paper Dali and Queen Mary's upcoming feast day on Nov. 16, I drew a free Saint Margaret of Scotland coloring page for you.

Download the full-page PDF.

(Just clicking, copying, and pasting the image below will result in a blurry photo, alas. Best to click the link!)


Anonymous said...

She's beautiful! I am so thrilled to see you blogging again! Thanks be to God that you are able to share your gifts with the world. God bless you and yours :)

Paper Dali said...


Thanks so much for your comment!

I'm very happy to find my way back to this creative space and super-excited about sharing new freebies and Etsy collections here.

Thank you for swinging by.

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