Monday, September 30, 2013

Saints Coloring Pages and Inspiration for All Saints Day

Need some coloring pages for your All Saints Day party? Looking for some saints pages for your Religious Education class?

I've some budget-pleasing PDF coloring books at my Paper Dali Shop for you!

Saints Coloring Book, Vol. 1, features coloring pages for...
1. Saint Elizabeth of Hungary (and her tertiary outfit)
2. Saint Joachim, the Blessed Mother's father
3. Saint Anne, the Blessed Mother's mother
4. Saint Joseph Mukasa
5. Saint Clare of Assisi
6. Saint Martin de Tours (and the beggar he helps)

Saints Coloring Book, Vol. 2, features coloring pages for...
1. Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta (and a printable quotes page)
2. Blessed Mary, Queen of the Rosary
3. Saint Martin de Porres
4. Saint John of God (and a coloring page of people he is patron for)
5. Saint Damien of Molokai
6. Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton (and her wedding dress and her Sister of Charity outfit)

Saints Coloring Book (June) features coloring pages for...
1. Saint Justin Martyr
2. Blessed Anne Mary Taigi
3. Saint Anthony of Padua
4. Saint Juliana Falconieri
5. Saint Thomas More
6. Saint Alena

Happy crafting!

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