Thursday, August 15, 2013

Celebrating the Assumption of the Blessed Mother

From the archives:

At my Catholic moms' group last weekend, I asked my good friends if they could help me brainstorm a craft for the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Diane had this lovely idea for something with pull tabs. Then Lisa said, "Now, you just need to draw it!" So, I did.

This is how the craft will look like when it is finished. See, before you pull the tab, you have Mary at the end of her earthly life, and the quote from the Catechism of the Catholic Church at the top ...
But then, you just give the tab a little pull, and you have Mary assumed into Heaven, with the rest of the Catechism of the Catholic Church passage showing:
The craft is super-easy because that's how I roll. And all you need is your computer, printer, paper, and colored pencils or markers. (My daughter colored the above pictures.)

Interested in making one for August 15, too? Then here you go, friends!

(Please note: My ink was running out, so that's why the photos look in sepia tones. The PDF is a regular black and white document.)
Step 1. Print out the downloadable 3-page PDF for this project. (Please download it and then print it out. If you just work from the preview window, not everything will line up right.)
Step 2. Color now, if you want to. 
Step 3. Cut out the windows in Part A. Also, cut across the top where indicated.

Step 4. Cut out the pull-tab. 
Step 5. Add glue along the edges of  the last page ... (Don't forget to cut along the top where indicated on this page as well.)

Step 6. Then place the first page on top of it. It should look like this:

Step 7. Insert the pull tab into the middle. It will look like this. Be sure to have trimmed the pages before putting the pull tab in. The pages will be shorter than a regular one, so the pull-tab can stick out at the top. Your first part will look like this:

Step 8. And then, you'll pull the tab to show the assumption of the Blessed Mother into heaven.

Step. 9. Discuss the Assumption of the Blessed Mother together.

Step 10. Say a Hail Mary together and place the project somewhere special as a reminder on August 15 of this wonderful feast day. (Don't forget to pray for Paper Dali. Know I pray for everyone who uses my crafts and coloring pages, too.)

If you do the craft, pretty please send me a pic or a link to your post so that I can take a look at it, too. I'm taking photos with my BlackBerry, so the quality is a bit meh. And I'd love to swap in better ones!

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