Monday, October 1, 2012

New Printables at The Paper Dali Shop!

The Paper Dali Shop is now loaded up with some coloring books and activity books!

See, for years, I've had moms and teachers tell me that they wish I would put my saints in a PDF so they could download it... instead of having to rummage through my links and labels to find the right saints.

 Each downloadable PDF features six saints to color and is only $4.

The Saints Coloring Book, Vol. 1 features:
1. Saint Elizabeth of Hungary (and her tertiary outfit)
2. Saint Joachim, the Blessed Mother's father
3. Saint Anne, the Blessed Mother's mother
4. Saint Joseph Mukasa
5. Saint Clare of Assisi
6. Saint Martin de Tours (and the beggar he helps)

Bonus: I'll send you the PDFs of Blessed Miguel Pro and his various disguises, too. Just for fun!

The Saints Coloring Book, Vol. 2 features:
1. Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta (and a printable quotes page)
2. Blessed Mary, Queen of the Rosary
3. Saint Martin de Porres
4. Saint John of God (and a coloring page of people he is patron for)
5. Saint Damien of Molokai
6. Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton (and her wedding dress and her Sister of Charity outfit)

Bonus: I'll send you the PDFs of Blessed Miguel Pro and his various disguises, too. Just for fun!

The 25 Days in December: An Advent Coloring Book is a fun, printable-packed PDF that combines brand-new printables (such as a Good Deeds Manger, a sparkling new Saint Nicholas, ornaments, etc.) with vintage Paper Dali pieces (such as the Jesse tree ornaments, the Our Lady of Guadalupe set, and the Nativity set). 

The printables are:

1. 1st Sunday of Advent
2. Advent wreath
3. Good Deeds Manger
4. 2nd Sunday of Advent
5. Saint Nicholas
6. The Immaculate Conception
7. 3rd Sunday in Advent
8. Ornaments
9. 4th Sunday in Advent
10. Favorite Carols
11. Jesse Tree Ornaments
12. Favorite Activities This Advent
13. Helping Others
14. Christmas Tree
15. Our Lady of Guadalupe
16. Saint Juan Diego
17. Saint Juan Diego's tilma
18. Saint Lucia
19. Balthazar
20. Melchior
21. Gaspar
22. Saint Joseph
23. Mary, the Blessed Mother
24. Shepherd
25. Circular Christmas card to color

The Advent coloring book is in no particular order, so you can do whatever you want when you want to color it. I just thought it'd be so easy and wonderful to have one printable for every day... and to have them all in one spot.

I hope you enjoy these sets of both vintage Paper Dali and brand-new pieces. 

Happy coloring!

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