Thursday, November 3, 2011

Paper Dali in Loyola Press's New Book

A year ago, Becca Gay of Loyola Press contacted me to ask about using my Jesse tree ornaments for a Finding God series book coming out in late 2011. Being a big fan of Loyola Press, I said yes, of course (and did a little fist bump in the air). This morning, she sent me a look at the new edition.

The ornaments on the tree look familiar. Yay!
This page appears in the Grade 6 children's book and also on the back of one page of the accompanying Grade 6 Art Print Easel(This is a neat new product for Loyola Press, a large easel per grade, 18 x 22 in., each containing 25 beautiful reproductions of fine art masterpieces, illustrations, sculptures, etc. to "Explore Faith through Art" for each lesson in the book.) 

The back of each print contains teaching material and the BLM activity associated with the art.

It's the sweetest treat to have my little Jesse tree ornaments on a Loyola Press tree. And I love the idea of being part of children's learning about the faith.

Be sure to check out these lovely new books. And thanks, Becca, for the opportunity. 



tricia said...

Congratulations, very well deserved recognition of your beautiful work!

Paper Dali said...

Aw, thanks. It was so FUN to see it. I squealed like a very happy kid.

Amazing_Grace said...

Congrats! You go girl! :)

Paper Dali said...

Amazing Grace,
Thank you! (hugs)

Anonymous said...

Awesome job, dear sister! It looks absolutely beautiful. Well-deserved recognition for sharing the gift of your creativity with so many souls.

Elisa said...

Congratulations, Vee. I'm planning to use your ornaments this year with my children. Your drawings are so appealing to children, it's no surprise a publisher added them to their teaching materials.

Paper Dali said...

Thanks, sis. (hugs)

Oh, nice! Be sure to send me pics if you can. That'd be lovely to see. And thanks for letting my drawings be part of the festivities.

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