Sunday, October 30, 2011

All Saints Day Party Games

The Catholic moms group that I belong to recently celebrated All Saints Day (because Friday is a much better party day than Tuesday!).  To my surprise, two of the games used Paper Dalis. I snapped some photos to share their ideas with you.

Saints Ring Toss
Copy and paste the saint paper dolls into a Word doc, so they are all small and the right-size for a ring toss. Color them up! Laminate them (so they'll be good next year) and affix them to a skewer. Then, just stick them into the ground in a good configuration. Give a kid a plastic ring to toss, and see how many they can get around a saint picture. Don't forget the sweets, holy cards, stickers, etc., for rewards. Here's a close-up:

Cupcake Walk
It's like a cakewalk---with cupcakes. Just do the same as you did with the ring-toss saints, though you might want to make the paper dolls a bit bigger and arrange them in a circle. Also, make sure to put the name of every saint on a separate strip of paper and put them in a plastic baggie.

Here's part of the cupcake walk circle. 
Have each kid stand at a saint, then play some music. Stop it suddenly (like in Musical Chairs), so that every child is behind a saint picture.
Can you tell it was a warm day and many kids ditched their costumes later?

Have a mom pull the name of a saint from the plastic baggie. Whoever has the name of that saint wins a cupcake.

For more All Saints Day party ideas, check out my Ultimate All Saints Day post.

Blessings galore,


Laurie said...

What a great way to use your Paper Dali's! Awesome.

Paper Dali said...


Thanks! When I saw the moms and their activities, I thought, "Heeeeey, why didn't I think of that?"

I told them they were in charge of coming up with new All Saints Day game ideas for next year for Paper Dali. *grin*

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