Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What's Up, Dali?

Look deeeep into his eyes!
Your eyes do not deceive you. It is a free printable Salvador Dali Brown Paper Toy. Download it, and make him glare at the folks disturbing your genius moments in your office.

Isn't he rockin' awesome? I know. I think so, too.

Now, someone recently asked me, "Why is your site called Paper Dali?"  And this is the perfect time to answer that question.

1.) I like puns. And the whole Dali/dolly thing amuses me. Especially because it's actually Dah-LEE in Spanish. Yes, this really does make me giggle.

2.) I appreciate Dali's "Why not?" sort of attitude regarding art.

When I started Paper Dali a few years ago, I thought no one would ever swing by. I only started the site because, well, then my family would stop bugging me to do so. So, I couldn't name the place Paper I'm Amazing or Paper Genius Artist Person or Paper Chagall. Therefore, I chose a crazy artist who did all kinds of kooky works of art, and some folks liked him, and some folks didn't. But he kept creating art because it met a deep personal need.

And now, I'll download a paper doll of Dali to remind me to keep on keepin' on. Thanks, Brown Communications Group!


Evann said...

Love it, Vee! And I love that my fam is in your Friends of Paper Dali slideshow. We're repeat offenders! Hope all is well with you. Keep us in your prayers - times are tough.

Vee said...

Repeat sweethearts is more like it, my dear! xoxoxo

I will definitely keep you in my prayers. ((((hugs)))

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