Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Crafting Activism: Christmas in Dixie Project

Craft Hope recently announced its newest project for crafting folks who like to use their talents to help others. It's a sweet, Christmas-cheer-spreading sort of project. You can read more about this project at Jade's site.

You don't have to sew at the caliber of Betsy Ross to participate. You just have to be able to do some basic sewing, crocheting, or knitting. Sewing a stocking to bring some Christmas sweetness to tornado survivors definitely sounds like something a family, scout troop, church group, etc. can do together!

Some resources to help with the project are:

If you decide to make one, leave a link here, so I can check out what you made. I'd love to see if anyone participates. And I'll be sure to share our stockings, too.


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