Friday, October 1, 2010

Crafts & Coloring Pages for the Month of the Rosary

It's the month of the Rosary, and Lacy of Catholic Icing is inviting everyone to share ideas about how to celebrate it.  If you need a refresher for praying the Rosary, here's a quick, solid article from EWTN.

(If you're not Catholic and wondering what's going on, let me explain briefly.

photo credit: bubbels

First, Catholics do not worship Mary. We honor her as we honor our parents according to the 10 Commandments. She's the mother of Jesus, so she truly deserves the greatest honor. But, yes, she is human, not a god, to Catholics. When Catholics pray to Mary---or any other saint---we pray differently from how we pray to God. We are beseeching her for her prayers. In other words, we are talking to Mary and asking her to pray for us to God. Also, the main prayers of the Rosary are taken from Scripture ... the "Hail, Mary" comes from the archangel Gabriel himself when he appeared to her. And the "Our Father" is what Jesus said when folks asked him how to pray. We repeat ourselves just because the repetition helps our mind and hands to get into the spirit of the prayer. And it's like saying "I love you" a hundred times to someone we love. You can't say it enough when you're in love. The same is true of praying the Rosary. If you want to learn more, Catholic teachings aren't a secret ... You can read more at this EWTN site.)

All right then.  Here are a few activities related to the rosary.

My Pro-Life Novena Worksheet was just posted yesterday, so it's fresh from the scanner. You print out the two pages: one of Mary with open arms and the other of the babies. Each day that you pray the rosary is a day you get to add the baby to Mary's care. It's a sweet little craft to track days of your novena.

 I also have an easy sewing craft to do to keep little one's hands busy while praying the rosary. (Xhonane of Familia Catolica took my idea and gave it a prettier, easier spin ... and glitter! Go see her nicer version if you've time. )

Be sure to visit Catholic Icing for more blogs to check out during this lovely month. And let's remember to pray for one another!



Lacy @ Catholic Icing said...

Yay! I love how you put all of your awesomeness into one post. I was really hoping you'd link up the envelope thing, and I just love your coloring pages. They're so whimsical! :-)

Gardenia said...

beautiful coloring pages. nice explanation of Mary.

Vee said...

Lacy: "All of my awesomeness"? That made me laugh. And blush. Thanks, friend!

Gardenia: Thank you, too! (hugs)

Alicia said...

I love the novena sheet! Great idea!

Evann said...

Awesomeness abounds! I love Mary and the babies!

Vee said...

Thanks, gals, for the encouragment. : )

Xhonane Olivas said...

Great job putting together this post!! and thanks for the link too! I would like to use your doll for the pro-life rosary, I hope I can do it soon, although I have to do a little researcg to find out when they do this in Latin America.

JOYfilled Family said...

my kids love your creations. thanks for sharing your gift.s
pax- lena

Vee said...

Xhonane: Oh, let me know! I'd like to participate. Three cheers for Latin America! Viva! Viva! Viva! :)

JOYfilled Family: Thank you for the sweet note. Hope it makes the day fun!

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