Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy Feast of Saint Joseph / Feliz Dia de San Jose

"Holy Joseph, chosen by God to be the guardian of Our Lord Jesus Christ and spouse of the Virgin Mary, Mother of God, receive the offerings of our hearts and listen to the prayers we humbly address to you today." (Archbishop Kazimierz Majdanski)

In celebration of St. Joseph's day, here's a St. Joseph paper doll from the Paper Dali archives. He's from the early days of drawing, however, despite that, he's one of the most popular ones here.

You can also make a St. Joseph peg doll: (Directions and image taken from my St. Joseph's Altar post.)
St. Joseph Doll

green felt
brown felt
white felt
beige felt
black yarn

1. Paint the face as you would like. Do this first, so as it dries, you can work on the following steps.
2. Cut a half-circle of green felt.
3. Cut a strip of brown felt.
4. Cut two small triangles of green.
5. Cut two beige circles.
6. Warm up the glue gun.
7. Put dots of hot glue on the wooden body of the doll. Quickly, drape the green cloth over it and make sure it covers the body.
8. Put dots of glue on the brown strip then drape it diagonally over the green. (See picture above.)
9. Put a drop of glue on the wide part of the green triangle. (The green is the sleeve. The beige circle is the hand.)
10. Do the same for the other green sleeve and beige hand.
11. Put a drop of glue on the top of the green sleeves and press them against the body.
12. Take a strand of yarn, put glue on it, then drape it under St. Joseph's face to form a beard. (I didn't put it on his face because, in case I made a mistake, I didn't want to have glue bits all over it.)
13. Cut black pieces of yarn in the same length, enough to be hair.
14. Put glue on the wooden head then press the black yarn on it. Be careful not to burn yourself!
15. Trim the "hair" at the length you'd like.
16. To make the lily, just cut a small half-circle of white felt. Glue one edge of the circle to the top of the toothpick. Swirl it around until it looks like a lily. Then put a drop of glue on the toothpick and press it against St. Joseph.

And then, you're done.

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