Monday, May 3, 2010

Bl. Miguel Pro's Life in 10 Minutes

For people interested in an overview of Bl. Miguel Pro's life, "Mexico's Merry Martyr" is free to watch online. It's just a 10-minute movie with captions in English to keep the viewer engaged. (It's a .wmv file, so you may need Windows Media Player to see it.) It's a fabulous overview, with my only complaint is that I kept recognizing the music from movies and TV shows. Otherwise, I highly recommend you visit the link and get to know more about Bl. Miguel Pro.

Why? Because his bravery, sense of humor, and deep devotion to the faith can inspire those who long to live out the Catholic faith. He was a saint of the 1900s, so we have so many images of him, as well as his writings and drawings. When people think of saints, they usually imagine them as solemn and dusty, creaky-minded and lacking fire. It is only when one starts reading about the various saints that one comes to understand the diversity of the saints. There are definitely solemn and grumpy saints, but there were also ones who laughed heartily and exuded enthusiasm and vitality.

In seeing the short movie mentioned above, you do get a sense of how dangerous the political climate of Mexico in the 1920s was, but you also get glimpses of how Bl. Miguel navigated through all that tension and had moments of joy that he brought others.

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