Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Insect Unit Study

The basis for our insect study came from The Learning Page's insect theme sheets. The section features lesson plans, fact sheets, a mural to color, fun sheets and recommended reading. The Learning Page requires you to become a member to access the theme sheets, but it's all free and well worth the effort of signing up. Please note: The materials here can be done in about nine weeks.

Game Plan for Each Week
Use the Learning Page sheets as springboard for in-depth study. For example, look at the
Honey Bee fact sheet. Read a book about honey bees with student. Have child narrate to the parent (or copy a sentence) about a honey bee. Draw an accompanying picture and do related worksheets. Keep all this in an three-ring binder reserved for science.

Topics and Books
What is an insect?/Parts of an insect
-- Read "What is an Insect?" (Science Emergent Readers); "DK What's Inside: Insects" (DK Publishing)
Ant --- Read "Are You an Ant?" by T. Humphries; "Thinking About Ants" by B. Brenner; "The Magic School Bus Gets Ants in Its Pants" book and video (supplement with its
free lesson plans and activity ideas)
Honey Bees --- "The Magic School Bus: In a Beehive" book and video (supplement with its free
lesson plans and activity ideas)
Pill Bug
--- Read "A Pill Bug's Life" by John Himmelman
Lady Beetle/Lady Bug --- Read "Ladybugs, Red, Fiery and Bright" by M. Posada; "Starting Life Ladybug" by Ann O'Squire
--- "The Magic School Bus: Butterfly and Bog Beast" book and video (supplement with its
free lesson plans and activity ideas)

Spiders --- They aren't insects. Why not? Study reasons. "The Magic School Bus: Spins a Web" book and video (
free lesson plans and activity ideas)

Printable Worksheets
Lesson Plans and Worksheets from MSU
Insects at Enchanted Learning
See above section.

Take a notebook outside and draw at least three insects that you find. You can use these drawings later as springboards for further investigation.
Draw the life cycle of your favorite insect.
Field trip idea: Visit your local nature center and check out the displays of local insects.
Create your own insect --- but be scientific! Use the right body parts, label them, decide what your insect eats and what eats it.
For each book read, have the student narrate to you what was learned and draw an accompanying picture.

Online Resources
Insect Body Parts
Entomology for Beginners
Insect Quiz
Insects Links

"Magic School Bus: Gets Ants in Its Pants"
"Magic School Bus: Spins a Web'
"Magic School Bus: Butterfly and Bog Beast"
"Incredible Insects" by Schlessinger Media
"A Bug's Life" by Pixar


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