Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ancient China Unit Study

Familiarize children with ancient Chinese culture; share the different style of writing and dress; examine different Chinese icons (such as dragons) We would occasionally slip into modern China, but I'd tell the children that it is what ancient China became.

Game Plan By Week
1. Ancient Chinese town/government (i.e. who is in charge?) -- Use "DK Eyewitness: China" as basis.
2. Role of men, women and children (e.g. if they went to school, what they learned, etc.) -- Use "You Are in Ancient China"
3. Clothing -- Use "Ms. Frizzle's Adventures: Ancient China" book and
Ancient Clothing site.
4. Food --- Print
this sheet and read together.
5. Religion -- Print
this sheet and read together.
6. Folk/fairy tales -- Check local library for these.

Books & Activity Suggestion
"See Inside a Chinese Town" by R.J. Unstead --- Have child draw a map of a Chinese town. Use geography skills by having them draw a legend, compass and more.

"The Chinese Empire" by Children's Press -- Read a section, and have child do a narration page. S/he can write it, or, if it's simpler, you can for them. Have them illustrate it.

"Paper Lantern" by Stefan Czernecki ---
Make paper lanterns. We made a lot of these to decorate our dining room then had Chinese food for dinner. This book is about modern China, but the illustrations are gorgeous, and the story is beautiful. I highly recommend it.

"Six Chinese Brothers: An Ancient Tale" by Chen Hou-Tien

"You Are in Ancient China" by Ivan Minnis -- Have child draw a picture of him/herself in the appropriate clothing and setting in ancient China.

"DK Eyewitness: Ancient China"

"Wushu You Were" (a Time Warp Trio book) by Jon Sciezcka --- This is a fun read together.

"The Day of the Dragon King" (a Magic Treehouse book) by Mary Pope Osborne --- This can be done as a read-together. Your independent reader can do this for quiet reading, then once the book is finished, tell you what s/he learned. This could make for a good book report or narration page.

"If You Lived in Ancient China"

Coloring book: "Color and Learn China" by Edu Press: This is not specifically ancient Chinese coloring pages, but some of them are adaptable. We used the coloring pages to supplement the library books that we read.

Make tangram pictures.(Find shapes to cut out and more activities.)

DVDs/TV shows
"Ancient Civilizations: China"
"Big Bird in China" (The kids may say they're too old for it, but you'd be surprised by how they get into it.)
"Wushu You Were Here" (a Time Warp Trio episode)

Internet Resources/Worksheets to Print Out
Daily Life in Ancient China
Ancient China Activities and Lessons

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