Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Paper Dali Mini Tour

For fun, I thought I'd take you for a short tour around the lab. (I recently saw pictures of a fellow crafter's office and it seemed a fun post to write.)

Upon first entering Paper Dali HQ (or "the office" or "the lab" or "the woman cave"), you are met by a welcoming cheerful owl drawn by my daughter.

Now, let's say a prayer and have a cuppa something warm and cozy. Yes, that is the Divine Mercy shooting forth his graces onto a wee little owl. The owl is me, naturally, and the picture keeps it in perspective. I'm round, awkward and slightly clueless, and Jesus pours forth His graces and love on me despite it all. Yay!

Did you get some tea or coffee? Hot cocoa? I'm having mate cocido, which is a delicious tea from Argentina. And makes one a bit hyper. As if I need that.

My desk is a huge old-school 1960s office desk, inherited from my husband's grandfather (may he rest in peace). I'd show you the lovely monstrosity, but then you'd catch a glimpse of all my (paid) work. And considering my Real Job isn't aware of my having a blog, I won't be sharing that part of HQ. But half of my desk looks like this:

Next, enjoy a glimpse at my inspiration collection. These small whatevers are at the corner of my desk. Holly Hobbie reminds me of being a child and nature and sweet flowers. The Tennessean mug is from the award-winning newspaper where I once worked. (I was Lois Lane.) The small turtle is from when I won first place in my first-grade spelling bee. I kept it all these years because that was a huge feat for me, considering I'd only been speaking English for one year. Then the beribboned picture of St. Therese of Lisieux holds a tiny relic. She reminds me of doing small things with great love. And then St. Maximilian Kolbe rounds out the bunch. He's the patron saint of editors. Considering I edit for a living, I've got him watching my back. And pens. And computer.

My Argentine folk dolls remind me of where my family's roots are. And they remind me of the loved ones there. I miss it.

My daughter's drawing of us helps me focus on why I work. A St. Teresa of Avila card made by a sister of the heart reminds me to pray her beautiful prayer. A smallish picture of St. Veronica is there for obvious reasons. And then Cary Grant and Irene Dunne remind me not to take it all too seriously. 

Yes, there are quite a few pictures of Cary Grant. No lab or woman cave or office can be without him.

And that's a mini tour of Paper Dali headquarters! 


Evann said...

That was an enjoyable tour, Vee. Nice to see some of the "things" that make you you!

Vee said...

Thanks, Evann! It was fun to take the pictures. I spend a lot of time in the lab due to working from home and Paper Dali-ing. I didn't realize just how many owls and Cary Grant things there were. Hee.

Amy Caroline said...

Sigh.... Cary Grant.... deeper sigh

Vee said...

Amy Caroline: Well said. (Well sighed? LOL)

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