Monday, December 28, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook for Dec. 28, 2009


Outside my window...everything is crisp and gray and melancholic.

I am thinking...that it's difficult to accept one's physical limitations.

I am thankful for...the scent of candy canes, little twinkling Christmas lights and the deep-red glass ornaments

From the learning rooms...I hear mostly silence since the 7-year-old is reading and the 9-year-old girl fell asleep at her desk. (She woke up with a fever, attempted school and passed out.)

From the kitchen...I hear the quiet rumbling of the dishwasher, which has been steadily used almost nonstop since Thursday.

I am running pants, a blue v-neck shirt and a black sweater.

I am creating...sketches of Greeks and little rabbits (not together) and also brainstorming a new sort of product to add to my Etsy shop.

I am finish the Winter Fun collection this week and have it in the Etsy shop for the New Year.

I am reading...the Gospel of Saint Luke.

I am hoping... that tonight I'll have time to see one of the movies in my Cary Grant collection that I received for Christmas.

I am hearing...a four-year-old's heavy breathing due to his cold, my husband washing dishes from last night's dinner, the low hum of my old PC.

Around the house...everything looks like Christmas. We decorated the tree and the house on Christmas Eve, so it's all very new and lovely for us right now.

One of my favorite brainstorming ideas and seeing if I can make the image in my mind match what I manage to assemble together.

A few plans for the rest of the week: rest, rest, rest. I have some illnesses, so sometimes, I hit a rough patch. Right now, I'm in a flare, so I'm all about peace and quiet.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing: (A few days ago, we had a little family "Elf" party. My daughter made signs that she posted around the house. We made paper chains and snowflakes to hang everywhere. We wore elf hats and recited our favorite lines as they happened during the viewing of "Elf." We also had spaghetti, though without maple syrup.)

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A Gracious Home said...

Your picture is so cute. My daughter is spending the night so we can watch old Cary Grant movies. We also want to see some of Jane Fonda's old 6o's movies. Barefoot in the Park and all. I don't remember your blog. Maybe this is my first visit. It's so cute. I will return when I have more time. Happy New Year!!! Doylene

Anonymous said...

I had no idea there was a Cary Grant movie collection - I'm going to have to look for that!

Your Daybook is wonderful.

Vee said...

We recently canceled cable, so my crazy Turner Classic Movies habit died. But my husband saw the set and thought it would be a wonderful gift. He was right! The set includes: "Talk of the Town," "The Awful Truth," "Holiday," "His Girl Friday" and "Only Angels Have Wings." I'm a huge Cary Grant fan. I know about his personal life being a bit rocky, but I'm still a ginormous fan of his work!

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