Thursday, December 1, 2016

Free Saint Nicholas Day Bookmarks [Printable]

Saint Nicholas's feast day is almost here! Much mystery and myth surround this kind-hearted fourth-century bishop of Myra. But we do know that fact and also that many miracles were attributed to him.

Because of his upcoming feast day, he's on my mind...

Want to make him be part of your Advent celebration, too?

Then enjoy these free St. Nicholas bookmarks! Just download the coloring page from this link (or click on the picture) and print them out. Make sure you print them in landscape mode and you may have to shrink them to the printable area (or not---it depends on how big you want your bookmarks).
I've colored one of the bookmarks in case you just want to print them out and use them as a surprise gift on the feast day of St. Nicholas or tuck them into whatever book you're reading this Advent season. But I'm also including a black-and-white version, so that you can use the bookmark-making as a craft activity.

If you do use the bookmarks, feel free to tag me on Instagram (I love the 'gram!) and let me see your fine coloring work.

May you have a blessed St. Nicholas Day and a holy, hope-filled Advent.

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