Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Advent Coloring and Activity Book 2016 [Printable]

Advent begins on Nov. 27 this year, and my heart has already begun the journey of expectation and hope. As I illustrated and created my new Advent coloring book, I found my mind reflecting on the beauty of the upcoming liturgical season.

In drawing wise men, I was reminded of how they sought him, how they saw the brilliant heavenly sign beaming from on high, and how they left all that they knew to go and encounter Christ.

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In drawing St. Nicholas, I thought of how closely he followed Christ and sought to live a holy life, despite persecution. He thought of others, risked so much for the lives of people he didn't even know because his life was a testimony to Christ.
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And as always, in drawing Mama Mary, I asked her to pray for all of us. She loves us so much, and she wants us to know how much the Lord loves us. Like a good mother, she prays for us and checks in on us. So, I thoroughly enjoyed drawing a brand-new Our Lady of Guadalupe for my coloring book.
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All those Instagram pictures are a behind-the-scenes look at my creating the Advent Coloring and Activity Book 2016.

The 31-page PDF features all new illustrations and almost all-new activities. You can find out more about it by visiting my Etsy shop.

May this upcoming liturgical season fill you with hope, peace, love, and joy.


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