Sunday, October 30, 2016

Catholic Liturgical Calendar to Color: Advent 2016 to November 2017 [Printable]

The question seemed simple enough: "Can anyone recommend a Catholic liturgical calendar for kids?"

And the creative wheels in my head started turning swiftly... A Catholic liturgical calendar! I should draw one! Yes, it's a huge project. But it'll be so much fun to draw. I must tackle this project!

So, I did. (My Paperdali Instagram feed some photos from the process and a sneak peek collage of its contents.)

The published 26-page PDF covers Nov. 27 (the first Sunday of Advent 2016) through November 2017.

Each month features one full-size illustration to color and then a month-at-a-glance with miniature drawings of some favorite Catholic saints, special Sundays, and feast days.

A bonus page at the end includes small "stickers" of everyday meetings, events, and special appointments to print out, cut out, and paste or glue to whatever box you fancy.

You can print out all 26 pages and assemble it yourself as needed, either every month or all at one. (The calendar is black and white, so you don't need any special color ink for it.)

You can give the calendar a look (and grab yourself one) in my Paperdali Etsy shop.

The hardest part of putting together the calendar was limiting which saints to include in it! I wanted to write down all the names of every saint for every day and draw allllll the saints.

But I also wanted the calendar to be simple and not overwhelming for children (and adults).

So, every month features about 7-10 mini drawings of saints. The good variety can keep your child (and you!) attuned to the liturgical cycle but without anyone feeling overwhelmed by having to color every single day of the year. Coloring is to be a fun, relaxing, and gentle experience.

May this liturgical calendar be so for you and your family!


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