Friday, June 12, 2015

Free Sacred Heart of Jesus Coloring Page and Craft [Printable]

Download the free Sacred Heart of Jesus coloring page!
Happy feast day of the Sacred Heart of Jesus!

To celebrate this day, here's a Sacred Heart of Jesus coloring page that can be used as a craft activity, too.

On the right side of the coloring page is the cross, heart, and rays to create the sacred heart and add it to the chest of Jesus.

You can use the little images by:
  • coloring them, cutting them out, and adding them to the drawing
  • cutting them out, putting them on construction paper, tracing them, cutting them out, and gluing/pasting them to the drawing
  • ignoring them completely and drawing your own sacred heart.
We'll be using this craft for our Catholic moms' group today. I cut and traced the heart and circle, but because we have so many little children, I figured they could just draw a cross rather than handle a small cross. (You can also just use stickers of hearts and crosses from your local dollar store.)


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