Sunday, May 12, 2013

Blessed Miguel Pro Activity Book: Now in the Paper Dali Shop

This downloadable 70-page PDF is packed with everything a child needs to celebrate the beloved Blessed Miguel Pro. Each section begins with a short lesson about Miguel Pro's life then features an engaging game, craft or activity.

Children will learn how to:
  • make a portable shrine for Christ the King and/or the Immaculate Conception
  • play the "Three Days With Miguel Pro" board game (board and cards included)
  • learn a Miguel Pro song based on a poem that he wrote for friends
  • have wordplay fun with crossword puzzles and word searches based on his life
  • paint and create wooden peg dolls of Christ the King
  • participate in a "God's Secret Agent" activity (similar to Secret Santas)
  • learn the Rosary in Spanish and English
  • sew a Blessed Miguel Pro softie doll (pattern is included)
  • create a felt banner (like the one shown on the cover)
  • color and play with a paper-doll play set of Miguel Pro and a Mexican family

And that's just a short list of what's included in the activity book. Children can even put together a fiesta for Blessed Miguel's feast day by using the activities and printables in this book.

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