Thursday, December 15, 2011

Chiming in About Doodling

I recently had a post about the importance of doodling. A couple of teachers chimed in with their thoughts, and I felt compelled to share them here.

What strikes me as some kind of wonderful is that they understand that the most important fact is that a student is learning and absorbing information. Crummy teachers make it all about themselves, whether everyone is looking at them, whether they are like the star on the stage, whether their students are transfixed by them. Excellent teachers are ones whose primary focus is to impart knowledge and encourage their students to use their brains and learn material in the manner that works best for the students. And if that's doodling, so be it!

Their comments:
"Thanks for posting this! I have always been a believer in doodling, and encourage my youth that I've given journals to to doodle freely during our catechetical sessions (I always present them with unlined journals/sketchbooks so they'll think outside the lines, as it were). My experience has always been that people that doodle actually engage much better in learning than those that are looking at their watches, drumming their fingers, counting the minutes to their next meal, etc. Yay, doodling!" (from Wayhip)
"Just wanted to say that one of my students is now going to be taking doodling to the next level and using his gift of drawing to create a 'graphic essay' for Captain Blood! Drawing is allowing him to tap into his analytical ability in a way that writing does not provide. He will still be doing some writing, but the emphasis will be on the artwork." (from Persephone Writes)
Happy doodling!

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