Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easily Embroidered Spring Cards / Tarjetas Bordadas

I enjoy sending cards to my girlfriends, but the ones at the store rarely say what I want to say: "Hey, you, I'm glad we're buds, and I spent some time thinking about you and praying for a joy-filled life for you and your loved ones. Blessings to you. And chocolate. And buttery popcorn. And a hug." But no card says that.

So, I end up just making a card and hoping that the time invested says all that. :)

Making an embroidered card is shockingly simple ... however, due to the paper-y aspect, it does take time and patience and a light touch.

1. Cut out a bit of paper the size of a notecard. (Note: Really, make sure it fits into an envelope. This sounds obvious, but it's not. Ask me how I know this is important. Hee.)
2. Draw a picture of what you would like to embroider on the card.
3. Use a sewing needle and thread to just sew along your penciled lines. (Note: Don't use an embroidery needle. It makes the holes too big and you end up tearing the card to bits. Ask me how I know this is important, too.)
4. Be very patient.

A good variation is to lightly go over the penciled mark with a pin, making little pinpricks into it, so when you "sew" the picture, you already have a little opening in it.


Amy Caroline said...

Those are so cute!

Dawn Farias said...


Eileen said...

Cute, cute, cute! I am definitely going to do this.

Oh ... and blessings, chocolate and butterfly popcorn to you! :)


Vee said...

Thanks, gals! Glad you like 'em.

And cute, Eileen! Right back at you.

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