Friday, February 26, 2010

Portable Stations of the Cross

When our moms' group talked about having Stations of the Cross at the park, I had to do some Serious Thinking. We didn't have enough trees spaced out for Stations. Nor did we have any structure that we could tape/nail/glue/affix our Stations.

Then I came up with this:

These metal garden stakes were perfect for presenting a Station, and we've been able to tote them to different parks, have the children set them up by sticking them into the ground, and then ... praying!

  • pictures for each station (I downloaded the free set from The Bookworm, a longtime favorite blogger of mine.)
  • sticky back foam sheets
  • popsicle sticks
  • glue
  • metal garden markers (You can get these from your local garden-supply shop.)

These may be obvious, but there's no harm in explaining it, right?

  1.  Print and cut the Stations.
  2. Cut the sticky foam sheet in half.
  3. Glue a Station to one half of the sticky foam sheet.
  4. Lay one cut piece of the sticky foam sheet underneath the garden marker.
  5. Place the other half on top of it. This puts the two parts together, one with the picture, one without. And it seals it in nicely, so the Station plate doesn't slide around.
  6. Make a cross with the popsicle sticks.
  7. Glue the cross to the top.
  8. Pray!

For more ideas on celebrating Lent, visit the great blogs at Catholic Icing's Lent Link Up.



    Amazing_Grace said...

    This is a great idea!!!! :)

    Paper Dali said...

    Thank you! We've enjoyed using them ... It's neat to be able to travel as a whole homeschooling group from one station to another. And it works well for many of us who have odd schedules and can't make it to the official Stations at church ...

    Mary Machado said...

    These are great. It got me thinking. I'm wondering if those loops could be modified by bending so that a glass votive holder could fit in them. Then you could use them in the evening for a lighted stations of the cross. Hmmmm.....

    Paper Dali said...

    Ooooooh, Mary. That's a lovely idea ...

    Lacy @ Catholic Icing said...

    Ok, I LOVE this idea! And I'm also loving the idea of being able to light them up at night. I'm willing to bet it wouldn't be hard to attach those fake battery-operated votives. Of course, you can tell it's the mother of preschoolers talking. Lol!

    Monica @Equipping Catholic Families said...

    Great idea! I'd like to post a link on Equipping Catholic Families...I've got a little Lent link-up...hope that's ok! =)

    Paper Dali said...

    Thanks for linking me up to your fabulous Lent link-up. So sweet and thoughtful.

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