Friday, January 22, 2010

An Inspiring, Readable Blessed Miguel Pro Story

As the rainstorm continues pounding our area, I've been immerse in books, particularly ones about Blessed Miguel Pro. I have considered him my heavenly brother and friend ever since I first read about him in the marvelous book by Ann Ball called "Blessed Miguel Pro: 20th Century Saint and Martyr." I had never read about such a funny, brave, noble and charming saint until I read about him. When I became pregnant with my second boy, I had to give him the name Miguel, of course.

Now, my second son has practically memorized the stories of that Ann Ball book. So, we've found a new read. Much to my recent joy, I discovered another charming book by Ann Ball called "Jose Finds the King: a Blessed Miguel Pro Story". In this accessible, well-written yarn, a little Mexican boy named Jose celebrates his First Communion in the shadow of the Catholic persecution in Mexico. His life is sweet and wonderful despite the long shadows of the regime upon it. He spends time with his beloved brother, delights in his mother's fabulous cooking and hears stories about Blessed Miguel Pro. However, he ends up witnessing the martyrdom of his catechist. The choice becomes his whether to hold onto his anger or to forgive and pray for those who committed this crime. Learning about Blessed Miguel Pro brings him to a greater understanding of love and giving all to Christ, without bearing anger or hatred for one's enemies.

I'm researching this saint right now for a project, but I wanted to let ya'll know about this fabulous book. Ann Ball loved Miguel Pro deeply, and I'm sure they are swapping stories in heaven. ♥

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