Thursday, January 28, 2010

Miguel Pro makes another appearance on this blog. ♥

One of the sweetest pleasures of sharing my Paper Dali figures is getting emails (or reading posts) about how moms (and kids!) are incorporating the dolls into the liturgical year, studies ... or just having fun with them.

As I was reading Rosario's blog, Beads4Prayer, the other day, I kept thinking about her post regarding priestly vestments and the liturgical year. I wanted to do something for our own home altar and use what we have, but couldn't find anything.

Three days later, I look at her blog to see what's new. And to my surprise, Blessed Miguel Pro (in his Paper Dali form) was in the newest post.

I can do this now! Doesn't he look wonderful? It was sweet to see Paper Dali Miguel Pro out and about and doing the unexpected. How very like Miguel Pro.

I'd post more about this idea, but Rosario says it best. Be sure to drop by her blog and say hello. Special thanks for the mention and sharing the picture, Rosario.

Viva Cristo Rey!

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