Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Works For Me Wednesday: Felt Puppets

Aside from my love of ink and paper, I also love felt. It's cheap (unless you want to pay a tiny bit more for the good stuff for gifts. Or not.). It's colorful. It's so versatile. And it makes a relatively new sewing gal like myself happy with her efforts.

This week's "Works For Me Wednesday" post is about the magic of using scraps of felt and leftover embroider floss to make finger puppets. As St. Nicholas's Day approaches, I need some little gifts for the kids. I read about making finger puppets at The Toby Show and decided to try my own hand at them.

They ended up nice enough. And they'll soon be enjoyed by my almost-four-year-old. :)

All you need is a little bit of imagination, a handful of felt and some thread and a needle. For these little guys, I just picked out the leftover felt from previous projects and imagined what I could do with them. The shark was the most fun but required a little thinking. The light-blue creature did not. As you can probably tell. The point is to have fun and use up what you have.

Get more tips for inexpensive Christmas gifts at Kristen's We Are THAT Family blog.


Ticia said...

Those are super cute. I keep wanting/meaning to make finger puppets, but haven't yet. How long did they take?

Veronica said...

They didn't take long at all. I did them all actually while I watched the "Wolverine" movie. Hee. It's a fun quirky little craft to do while watching a flick. : )

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