Monday, November 30, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook for Nov. 30, 2009

Paper Dali is my artsy blog, but I'll be doing "The Simple Woman's Daybook" on Monday, so we can get to know each other a little better.

FOR TODAY... from Paper Dali's Daybook

Outside my window... half the sky is blinding white and the other half is dark gray, giving everything an ethereal air.

I am thinking... that I might experiment with acrylic paints this week to see how my paper dolls look when painted instead of colored with my beloved pencils.

I am thankful for... the season of Advent.

I am wearing... dark brown capris and a purple sweater. I love this purple sweater. It's like how Linus was with his blanket.

I am remembering... how lovely my little boy's baptism was this past weekend.

I am going... to spend the evening with the new godparents before they fly home then come home and unwind by finishing up a "Christmas in Mexico" set and an Advent coloring page.

I am currently reading... "The Knife Man: Blood, Bodysnatching and the Birth of Modern Surgery" by Wendy Moore because I'm cool like that.

I am hoping... that the teething little guy will sleep peacefully this evening so I can do some crafting.

On my mind... the fact that the Paper Dali Etsy Shop only has one item. Funny sort of shop that way. I need to stock it up. Many thanks for all the lovely people buying "Christmas in Sweden" so far.

From the learning rooms... I hear children chattering to one another instead of doing their math page. Oh, it's hard after a long weekend to get into the swing of things.

Noticing that... baby Nicholas smells so sweet and holy with his baptismal chrism still fresh.

Pondering these words... "Owl you glad you have us." My daughter drew me a picture of the two of us surrounded by hearts and pet owls and wrote the little pun on top.

From the kitchen... the delicious smell of Thanksgiving turkey still lingers. Nummy.

Around the house... the Christmas tree is doing its shift as the Jesse tree right now, and the tablecloth in the kitchen is an Advent-y purple.

One of my favorite things~ is having my own little room in the house in which to craft and work.

From my picture journal...

(These are the little felted ornaments that I am making for a friend ...)

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