Thursday, October 22, 2009

Saint Juan Diego went on an adventure.

Thanks, Evann, for the lovely shout-out on your blog regarding my St. Juan Diego paper doll and for posting such a cute picture of your kids (and Juan Diego, too). It gladdens the heart to see my little dolls out and about, taking on a life of their own ...

And, yes, I've added our Lady, Juan Diego's uncle and the bishop to my list. In December, Paper Dali will be bursting with new figures, as I must draw St. Nicholas, the Immaculate Conception (our Lady in a different outfit), and the aforementioned key players in Guadalupe.

But before December, it's November. So there are other saints to draw and the Mayflower folks to ponder ...


Evann said...

Thank you Veronica! Cute kids :)

Can't wait to celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe with your complete cast of characters.

Keep those dalis coming!

Veronica said...

And thank you, Evann, for the very kind things you said about Paper Dali. :)

Many blessings to all!

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