Sunday, October 18, 2009

Corps of Discovery: A New Paper Dali Collection

New Paper Dalis have arrived! Check out the Corps of Discovery quartet: Captain Clark, Meriwether Lewis, Sacagawea and, of course, the resilient little Pomp.

In preparation for drawing the paper dolls, I read a great deal about this motley group and especially lingered in the book called "The Incredible Journey of Lewis and Clark." This gem is packed with information, but written in an accessible style. I attempted, in my own Paper Dali-ish way, to make Lewis and Clark look like their portraits. Hence, Clark's nose is bulbous; Lewis has tension lines around his mouth and wears an outfit that he wore in a sketch that Clark had. Alas, everyone's favorite interpreter, Sacagawea has just come from my imagination, for there is no known likeness of her.

As far as for other important members of the group, they still have to make it to Paper Dali. The collection has only its most famous members, but these fellows also relied heavily on the assistance of others. York and Big White, of course, have to be doodled as do representatives of a few tribes. And I must include Seaman the dog as well.

Until then, however, enjoy with the little collection. And don't forget to stop by the brilliant Lewis & Clark site to really immerse yourself in their adventure.

Have fun with history!

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