Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ancient Greek Unit Study

We divided Ancient Greece into themes for the day. This post covers craft ideas and online activities. Be sure to use these crafts to coincide with these books about Ancient Greece. You can also find many more activities to do in the book "Classical Kids: An Activity Guide to Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome."

Our Favorite Websites About Ancient Greek
Odyssey Online: Greece (a site from the Michael C. Carlos Museum of Emory University in Georgia; an amazing vibrant site that transfixed us)

Winged Sandals (Animation of Greek myths, games such as Icarus and Daedalus, and craft ideas make this site extraordinary.

PBS's The Greeks (more for much older children, but an excellent resource for teachers to get their Ancient Greek fix. It has maps, timelines, and interactive areas. My inner historian loves it.)

BBC's Ancient Greeks

Ancient Greece for Kids

Note: If you'd like to use Greek-themed writing paper for notebooking your Ancient Greek journey, check out this
free stationery.)

Learn online about
Ancient Greek women.

Color a picture of Ancient Greek men.

Color some Ancient Greek women.

Make a Greek shield that a hoplite would use.

Learn online about the various divisions of Ancient Greek people.

Read about life for
Ancient Greek kids.

Learn online about
Greek clothing.

Dress like an Ancient Greek.

Visit an online (animated) ancient Greek theater.

Make a
Greek mask from a paper plate.

Read a play like the Ancient Greeks did.

Put together a play for one of
Aesop's fables.

Make a Medusa headband. The example shown is pretty friendly, but my kids would prefer black and green, more frightening colors, and cutting red felt and making vicious tongues for the serpents. Medusa was hideous. Not adorable.

Match the picture of the Greek god to their symbol.

Read and hear Greek myths online.

Watch a brilliant animated online video of Perseus and Medusa.

Print and play a memory game of the Ancient gods and goddesses.

Play and learn at the
online Ancient Olympics.

Use the prompts from this
print-out to write about the Olympics.

Describe your trip to Olympia using
these writing prompts. Use the Greek printable papers here to really spruce up the reports.

Print a short book about the Olympics.


Print, color and create a book about ancient and present-day Greece.

Check out the Greek alphabet and write your name with it. Or, for extra fun, write signs for your house or your play using the Greek alphabet.

Design a Greek pot online.

Design a Greek vase on paper using ancient Greek designs.

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