Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Saint Nicholas: Free Coloring Page and Printable

The patron saint of children, Saint Nicholas, is a favorite around Casa Jarski. (We named one of our sons after Saint Nicholas.)  Stories abound about this bishop of Myra, but at the heart of all the stories is Nicholas's great love for Christ and sharing that love with all.

On Dec. 6, some countries celebrate a visit from Saint Nicholas. "In many Catholic parts of Europe, children still receive his 'visit' on the eve of his feast," states a Catholic Culture article. "St. Nicholas is a heavenly messenger to our homes, for, coming at the beginning of Advent, he admonishes us to prepare our hearts for a blessed and holy Christmas."

In our home, the children leave out their shoes on the eve before St. Nicholas Day, and in the morning, the children open their small gifts found in their shoes. We have a special breakfast and watch a Saint Nicholas DVD.

Free St. Nicholas Day Printable
 In honor of Saint Nicholas's upcoming feast day (Dec. 6), I drew a free printable notecard to share.
Download the free St. Nicholas coloring page.

If you'd rather do some straight-up coloring, you can download my free Saint Nicholas coloring page:
Download a free black and white PDF/coloring page of Saint Nicholas. 
May you have a holy, fun, and colorful Saint Nicholas Day!


Miriam Pauline said...

So good to see you posting again! I love St. Nicholas--ever since we visited his hometown in Turkey I love celebrating his day. Thank you!

Paper Dali said...

Miriam Pauline,
Thanks for your kind words! And I was ridiculously happy to see your comment here... I took such a long break from blogging, such a crazy detour, but, yes, I'm back and hope to catch up with old friends.

Peace and blessings,

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