Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Writer at Work: A Worksheet for Your Characters

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Can you hear me above all the clicking of the keys, my dears?

Lately, creative writing has pushed my drawing into the background, which explains the dust bunnies collecting at Paper Dali. Blame writer Steven Pressfield. After reading his head-smackin' "The War of Art," I have not been the same. The abandoned projects languishing for years in my desk have been yanked from their deep sleep, cleaned up and forced to march into daylight. Query letters, book summaries, and deep editing rule the night at my house now. Steven, Steven, Steven. What have you done to me? It was easier to approach my creative writing as a mere hobby. Now, it has become my second job.

The outcome of all this for you is a free printable worksheet for the writer under your roof. The 3-page Word document is a brainstorming worksheet for a character. (Print out enough, and you've got a whole notebook of character notes!) There are lots of blank spaces for scrawling down ideas about your character's personality, physical traits, background info, etc.

I created the worksheet for my 10-year-old daughter. (This explains the G-rating of the worksheet. Actually, everything at Paper Dali is written for children and adults.) My daughter spends hours writing or discussing writing with the two other writers in the house.

Are you a writer, too? Working on something? Thinking about it?

May your writing session be a productive one.


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