Thursday, September 29, 2011

Saint Michael the Archangel / El Arcángel San Miguel

Happy feast day, Gabriel, Raphael, and Michael! 

Download a coloring page of Saint Michael the Archangel. (It's in a PDF. If you click the pic above and print it, it won't look exactly right. Download instead, please.)


Lacy @ Catholic Icing said...

This is fabulous! And Michaelmas is right around the corner! I need to SAVE THE LINK in my folder for that month, because I HATE when I miss one of your paper dolls! I'm always thinking I'll just remember. You know, cause I read your blog all the time. But my mommy brain has turned into mush. Lol.

Paper Dali said...

Lacy: SAVE IT! SAVE IT! I'm kidding. No worries if you don't. I'll just email you, my email filled with tears at being left out, sniffle, sniffle. ; ) No worries, my friend.

TheFiveDays said...

This is great, thank you!

Paper Dali said...

The Five Days:
You are very welcomed. Glad you like it! And thanks for taking the time to comment here.


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